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Ratex Health Corp. Optimum medical instruments.

Web site: http://www.ratexhealth.com
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Product Range:

cChamber™, for Adults
cChamber™, for Children
cChamber™, for Infants
RIO™, Luxury allergy relief bedding fabrics, detergents and deodorants.
Exceloil. The petroleum science people.

Web site: http://www.xloil.com
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Product Range:

2/Advanced™, Field Exploration Systems.
Other oil and gas fields-related equipment, systems and services.
Edison Credit Services Business, Global

Web site: http://www.edisoncredit.com
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Product Range:

Security Cards, All range.
SmartCards, IC-based.
Red/i724™, EFT Switch.
POS & Kiosks, Wide range of point-of-sales, money counters, display and kiosk systems, etc.
AutoMarts Sensible Prices, Sensational Quality

Web site: http://www.o2marts.com
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Product Range:

MaxFuel™ 2, Fuel Saver.
Apache™, Spark-plugs & batteries.
BlueEye™, Navigation.
Others. Wide range of dependable high-quality automotive parts.
General Automation Division. Factory automation integrator and industrial control systems.

Web site: http://www.o2mation.com
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Product Range:

Advanced factory automation, custom high-volume precision or standard automation and turn-key assembly and sub-assemblies machinery.
>  Why EDGE? Human footprint becoming too big for nature. People are turning resources into waste faster than nature can replace them. The world's natural ecosystems are being degraded at a rate unprecedented in human history, according to WWF's 2006 Living Planet Report. Rays of Hope. The renewable energy available to us is enormous. Every hour enough solar energy can meet the world's current power demands for a whole year, yet, people make very little use of it. Did you know rays from the sun direct more energy on earth each day than the planet's 5.9 billion inhabitants would consume in 27 years?

But Things Are Changing.
Edison General Energy is committed to achieving the highest potentials of bringing the benefits of clean renewable energy to the world; and we pride ourselves for being the driving force behind production of clean electricity.

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Edison General Energy shines a ray of hope on every day.


TECHNOLOGY TO CONVERT this natural self-replenishing energy source into electrical power has been around for years, however, people make very little use of it.

FOR CONSUMERS, the installation of a solar or wind powered system used to be too technical and costs involved were too high.


BECAUSE solar and wind renewable energy are exquisitely done, Edison-GE is emerging to be number one under the sun; it shines a ray of hope on every day.

EDISON-GE IS A WORLD-CLASS top producer of solar photovoltaic and wind power generation systems that are used for everything from satellites to lighthouses, industrial applications to residential use.

THROUGH ADVANCED ENGINEERING, listening to consumers and strong alliances with international partners, Edison-GE is leading the industry as a major player in renewable green energy fields; and is involved in some of the most innovative solar and wind energy projects in the world.

EDISON-GE IS COMMITTED to achieving the highest potentials of bringing the benefits of clean renewable energy to the world; and we pride ourselves on being the driving force behind production of clean electricity.

AS SUCH, Edison-GE products contribute to environmental improvement in a very real way.

TOGETHER, we can take advantage of these natural solar and wind renewable energies, which are inexhaustible resources to generate electric power.

  • NO environmentally harmful compounds.
  • NO fossil fuel pollution.
  • NO moving parts.
  • NO noise.
  • NO global warming.
JUST CLEAN, safe, reliable energy for living.

BECAUSE THE FUTURE IS NOW, it's about time to harness today the renewable green energy resources for a better tomorrow.

for the quality of life.

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Planet Challenges


Humans are stripping nature at an unprecedented rate and will need two planets' worth of natural resources every year by 2050 on current consumption trends.
For many years we have exceeded the earth's ability to support a consumptive lifestyle that is unsustainable and we cannot afford to continue down this path.

    "As countries work to improve the well-being of their people, they risk bypassing the goal of sustainability" — James Leape, WWF Director-General, at the launching of WWF's 2006 Living Planet Report, speaking in an energy-efficient building at Beijing's prestigious Tsinghua University. Download 2006 WWF's Living Planet Full Report [pdf 3 mb].

Populations of many species, from fish to mammals, had fallen by about a third from 1970 until recently, largely because of human threats such as pollution, clearing of forests and consuming resources faster than the Earth can replace them.

Consequences of people turning resources into waste faster than nature can turn waste back into resources are predictable and dire. It is time to make some vital choices.

  • Clean Energy First: Use alternative sources of energy to replace the use of fossil fuels which are linked to global climate change.
  • Biodiversity Measures: Shore up biocapacity sustainability measures that can restore the ecological footprint and benefit global populations of terrestrial vertebrate species, marine and freshwater species around the world.
  • Proliferation: Systematic scrutiny of patterns of production - particularly the production of toxic components, such as lead in gasoline, or poisonous waste. In addition to the reduction of emissions on national levels.
Much will depend on the decisions made by world's governmental bodies and multinational corporations. But aware global citizens as individuals are capable of making the real difference.

Click here to learn more about Edison Electric's efforts and contributions for the wellbeing of our planet's environment.

A Good Company: Edison's Millennium's Milestones

> Watch Us, As We Push Further The Envelope of Time and Space.
Edison Electric makes good products and builds fine solutions that are used today in every facet of life. We turn complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions; and we transform inspiring ideas into stunningly compelling products.

Whether in homes, factories, offices, airports, or on the street, it's hard to imagine a place where Edison's innovations are not present. From safety handheld flashlights and lifestyle enhancements to the next generation of domestic and industrial lighting. We cover the full spectrum of lighting and energy solutions.

Edison Electric with its long storied history of invention and innovation coupled with strong pragmatic sensibilities, reigns supreme throughout much of the marketplace. Our engineers and designers have the nuanced, common sense talents.

Our inventions simply blazed the trail for today's technologies in every major discipline. Watch us, as we, again, push further the envelope of time and space.

EDGE Vision

Creating Pivotal Business Conditions for Environmental Sustainability and Expressing the Essence of Things.

Biodiversity conservation is rarely viewed as a profitable business opportunity. In a mission, remarkably, Edison General's fresh-brewed EDGE action program explores recent experiences to develop conservation opportunities through models that generate economic benefits.
By streamlining the business of biodiversity, Edison General is taking the eco-reality fast-track; and is showing the corporate world how blissfully it is. Our EDGE action program has a clear vision, a leap forward with time driven measurable goals and quantifiable indicators.

An Inconvenient Truth.

While some make green claims to greenwash their corporate image, employing an army of top-shelf PR firms with dozens of attorneys in their ranks, only to give the impression they have improved their behavior. Edison General is taking the difficult journey, ranging from bankrolling to save invaluable endangered species in Asia to planting trees in the Borneo rainforest as part of a forest restoration project that's helping to regenerate the rainforest habitat.

Edison's EDGE action team come together from around the globe with a common cause — a passion for conservation and a desire to help.

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